Saturday, August 11, 2007

2 Days in Paris

I saw 2 Days in Paris last night and loved it. Yes, I was that person in Lincoln Cinema theatre five, row 7, seat 13, laughing hysterically. My apologies. I couldn't help it. Writer/Director/Actress Julie Delpy has a mind for crafting witty conversation, however fleeting or verbose. I loved watching the energy bounce back and forth between the film's smart verbally sparring couple, Delpy's Marion and Adam Goldberg's perfectly neurotic Jack.

2 Days was almost entirely Delpy's doing, and it seems like a partially auto-biographical labor of love which I think is great. It certainly had personal touches here and there; Marion is a Parisian expat with extreme sight impairment much like the real Julie Delpy. Delpy's real life parents are hilarious as her hippie mum and dad in the film, while Delpy and Goldberg supposedly used to date, which would explain the comfortable familiarity that exists between them (I know, I'm an IMDB nerd.)

The music featured in the film is also a treat. I've been trying to find information on a soundtrack but no luck, which is really too bad.


bug said...

Didn't she score the film also?

VA said...

Oh cool, I'm really excited for this one. Hopefully it'll be playing somewhere near me. Some people seem to find this film annoying (probably the same ones who don't like all the talking in Before Sunrise, but it seems like something I'd love.