Sunday, July 29, 2007

Write It In A Letter

Saw this interesting story in the Times this morning, about a correspondence between Hillary Clinton and a childhood friend, who says "this is what college students did before Facebook."

Some choice musings from Hills circa 1966:

“Are you satisfied with the part you have cast yourself in? It seems that you have decided to become a reactor rather than actor — everything around will determine your life.”

“God, I feel so divorced from Park Ridge, parents, home, the entire unreality of middle class America. This all sounds so predictable, but it’s true.”

"Last week I decided that even if life is absurd why couldn’t I spend it absurdly happy?”

It's a little comforting to know that all this brooding and angst one feels at 22 can possibly one day be directed towards meaningful endeavors. That it isn't in vain to think about life and its meaning every waking moment, to demand that everything reveal something about its mystery.

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