Friday, July 6, 2007


I came across an interview with a writer named Bess Vanrenen on Gothamist today. She started a blog called the 'Generation What: Dispatches from the Quarter-Life Crisis,' written by fellow twentysomethings coping with adulthood. I found Vanrenen's definition of the "quarter life crisis" to be particularly apt:

What's a quarter life crisis?
"It comes at the point when you finish doing all of the things that were already laid out for you to do and suddenly there's no more pre-designed structure for your life and you have to take it upon yourself to say, "Okay, now what do I want to do." That's difficult because you might have had a preconceived notion of what your life would look like in your 20's and living at home at your parents or being in debt for 20 grand isn't what you imagined."

I couldn't agree more. From experience and talking to my girlfriends, I get the sense that there is in fact a universal lost feeling after all this buildup to whatever you think is on the other side of school and the long list of other things you're required to do under your parents' roofs subsides, and you're left with the very daunting task of dealing with very adult things


roommates! (at least in New York anyway.) I love reading Cary Tennis' advice columns and I just found myself identifying with today's entry completely. Not the part about a roommate's live-in mother...


sometimes the drama also known as everyday life almost becomes surreal.

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