Sunday, July 8, 2007

Tell It Like It Is

Last night I caught the tail-end of the Afro-Punk Festival. Hidden within a bill of afro-punk acts rocking out in the parking lot of the Brooklyn Museum was a lively and capable soul singer from the Boogie-Down named Stephanie McKay. Admittedly, McKay does not have the strongest voice that the genre of music she sings and the lyrics she pens command, but she's an undeniable presence regardless. She's a Grade A performer and possesses excellent musicianship, and her heartfelt words struck a chord. McKay and her back up band were incredibly on point, they put on an engaging and passionate show. I'd rather see her than Amy Winehouse live any day. Plus she's absolutely gorgeous, do see above for reference pls.

Two McKay tracks that I'm feelin, the first is a gem off of her new self-titled EP that came out in the States last fall, and the second is a dub-fused track from her 2003 UK release.

Stephanie McKay - Tell It Like It Is
Stephanie McKay - Take Me Over

Then there was The Smyrk, a young band from New Haven. Literally it's as if John Legend and Incubus decided to start a group (there's definitely an Incubus influence, former Incubus bassist Ben Kenney produced Smyrk's latest album.) Unfortunately I feel like I would have loved the band's smart brand of emo back in high school. But I thought they were fun and good-humored and they are definitely worth a listen if it's your thing, apparently they are currently on tour too.

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