Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Why are we so skeptical when an actor tries to sing? It seems like a logical extension to the performing repertoire, doesn’t it, a call back to that golden age of cinema where a Dean Martin or a Lena Horne could do it all. But it’s just that we’ve been let down so many times, we want believe, we’re just not sure we have it in us.

I caught Minnie Driver singing the first single off of her new album, Seastories, on TV this morning and I proceeded to hum its melody for the rest of the day.

It's something I happily went on to do with some of her other songs too, the beautiful words, the quiet arrangement, and that voice of course, it’s all very pleasant. Admittedly the single has a tinge of that musical genre we all pretend to detest, but we’ll just call it Americana in case our friends become suspicious. Driver sounds like she’s been doing this for years. Maybe she has.

This is the first single

Minnie Driver - Beloved

This is another favorite of mine

Minnie Driver – Stars & Satellites


In anticipation of an all new season of “Weeds,” it might please you to know that the show is keeping up with the tradition of having spiffy acts take over theme song responsibilities. Pitchfork reports that Man Man has recorded “Little Boxes” for the upcoming Season 3, which begins August 13. You might remember hearing Regina Spektor, Jenny Lewis, and Ozomatli perform the song last season.

Guessing who sings “Little Boxes” is only half the fun, “Weeds” is a really great show. You can catch up on all of Season 2 “Little Boxes” performers here.

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Your Little Ghost Friend said...

She's actually pretty good. I wouldn't have guessed. Thanks for the songs!