Saturday, July 7, 2007

Pâte Filo

The world was awash in brilliant watercolor. The quarreling pigeons down the block made him giggle. Giggling, for once he wasn't ashamed of his lame corniness. He coo-cooed at a cute puppy waiting outside a bodega on a leash. He smiled at passerby as he walked down the street, and he never did that. People who walk around grinning all day were right assholes, he always thought.

But not today.

Today, the birds sang just for him. The sky was some sort of blue that he could feel in his heart. The sun was electric. He looked up to feel its rays on his face, and saw bunny rabbit-shaped clouds. A little boy stopped near him as he crossed the street to gaze at the same spot in the sky. He smiled and waved at the kid, despite his deathly allergy to young children. The boy grimaced and stuck his tongue out at him. But it didn't bother him, it couldn't. Me! he wanted to shout aloud. He couldn't believe his luck. The very sensation of being alive, to see what he was seeing, and to feel what he was feeling, was too much.

He wanted to call her when he got in to work. No, he changed his mind, it was too soon, didn't want to seem too eager.

But he was eager. To touch her, to kiss her, to watch her sweep the impossibly long bangs off her forehead, to listen to her laugh, to stare at her chest when she wasn't looking, to act on all of those explicit thoughts he'd been having about her since they met.

They made plans to see each other that night. Well, not definitive plans, more like, he wasn't doing anything and she wasn't doing anything, so they decided to do nothing together. But the day simply couldn't move fast enough. Her name was like a song in his head. Nina, Nina, Niiiiiiina, N-i-n-a...

Malajube - Pâte Filo

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