Thursday, July 26, 2007


One of the main reasons why it has been so difficult to pry myself away from the New York City is that I’m scared I’ll miss out on something, not even sure of what that thing is. A lot of events happened in New York these last couple of weeks while I have been 3,000 miles away in suburbia. The SirenFest is one of them.

Yes, I probably would have bitched and moaned endlessly if I were there; the sun too hot, the people too numbered, the smoke, the nasty deathtrap of a beach (seriously, if you have or know any young children, do not let them anywhere near the boardwalk, it is covered with glass and other hazardous waste products. You have been warned, if you didn't know already.)

Yet I can’t help but wonder about the Noisettes set last weekend. Their recordings carry an irrepressible energy that I predict translates into an awesome live show. Am I wrong or am I right?

I've come to realize that life can happen outside the city too. And I can always catch the Noisettes when they come back to town in September.

The Noisettes – Bridge to Canada

If you’re not blown away by hurricane hooks and lead singer Shingai Shoniwa’s super sonic vocals, you have my money-back guarantee. What's the Time Mr. Wolf?, a very excellent CD, is out now.

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