Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Night Starts Here

Came across this snazzy number yesterday. It's off of Stars' upcoming album entitled "In Our Bedroom After the War."

Stars - The Night Starts Here

The song's layered synths and pulsing drum machine take you by the hand, and suddenly you know moves you've never known before, as you glide across the disco-lit ballroom floor in a stunning dance sequence a la some terrific Dirty Dancing extravaganza. It's glam, it's euro-pop, it's positively fabulous. "In Our Bedroom" will be available at the end of September.


This is how I feel sometimes.

An aside, but the gender dynamics in this clip can be studied for days.

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Hunter Wry said...

Burn it! Burn it!

I said the same thing when The Daily News cover story was Alex Rodgriguez's wife using the F word.