Sunday, July 1, 2007

Malajube is tres cool

Sure I made the trek to Prospect Park last night to watch The Stills, but I left with a burning flame for Malajube, a band of strapping young lads hailing from Montreal who like to play their guitars really loud, scream, and jump around excessively on stage. And the lead singer also has a penchant for wearing what appears to be one fifth of a cuddly bear costume, as demonstrated above. Malajube is really fun.

I've been reading things about this band in music zines and blogs for over a year now, but I never got around to hearing them. I guess it was one of those things you overlook until you're, well, at a concert where they happen to be opening for The Stills.

There tend to be a loose number of musical themes at play within Malajube's songs, a feat that could prove directionless and rambling were it not for their impressive ability to craft such full and rounded melodies like here in "La Monogamie."

Malajube - La Monogamie

Malajube's new album is called Trompe L'Oeil. Cop it but don't drop it.

And now, an open letter to the Stills:

Dear 'The Stills,'

When you burst onto the scene those few years ago, you were hip, you wore skinny jeans, and your greasy coifs were immaculately disheveled. I can't tell you how many times I have listened to Logic, I thank for making such a rocking good time of a record. The lyrics were poetry. Come on, "The girl will scar you"? So true! I even saw you in concert. It was rad.

Now you still wear the skinny jeans, you have perfected the greasy hair look, but there is something (or dare I say, someone?) sinister at work that could potentially damage your street cred. Who and the what am I speaking of you ask? The fellow to my left. You don't need a keyboardist. I can't even listen to the new record, the organ playing is deafening. So get rid of him, he's cramping your style, and he likes to wear funny hats. Nuff said.

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