Saturday, July 28, 2007

Death by New York City Apartment

After a day of travel with my head in the clouds

my feet were firmly planted on the ground upon returning to the city and finding yet another apartment 'situation.'

So, here's a little something akin to wisdom that I have gained living here. When you are young, scraping by on a dream, and within a certain income bracket (as in, ya broke,) there is a universal truth that the living arrangement will indeed suck. It doesn't matter.
Oh what's that? I almost see you mouthing a rebuttal. Um no. It will suck.
Nope, not even then, it will still suck. Okay stop it, it will suck.

Is it the price to pay to live here? Unreasonable landlords, Craigslist luck of the draw roommate pairings, vermin and creatures?
I'm starting to think the price is too high.

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bug said...

yay!! you're back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!