Thursday, July 5, 2007

Big Screen Dreams

It seems as though the "Sex and the City" movie is back on.

I have to say, my acquired appreciation for "Sex and the City" even took me by surprise. For the longest time, I vehemently condemned the show, and refused to watch a single episode out of principle. The 'principle' being that the immortal feminist in me couldn't possibly relate or sympathize with a group of caucasian, middle-aged, privileged women who seemed to equate gender empowerment with their sexual libidos. Or so I thought.

At second glance, "Sex and the City" was about much more than casual sex and drug use. It was honest in its very close examination of the four main characters' lives, it didn't always have the right answers and it didn't pretend to either. The show always had an interesting, if not at all times agreeable, story line that made no one out to be the hero or an altogether villain for that matter. And while all of the characters got on my nerves at times (especially Charlotte...), at the core of SATC is a group of women living their lives on their own terms, and you have to admire that no matter how you slice it.

Even though it's been awhile, I'd still pay to see the film in theaters. True talk.

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