Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Hunter Wry was right; Once is a great film. I liked the adorable love story between the two roving musicians, charmingly named "Guy" and "Girl" (yes, I'm a closet romantic, whaddya know).
I loved the film's stunningly intimate and honest portrait of the songwriting/music-making process. Its isolation, its joy, its 'eureka' moments, its frustration, its brilliance. Maybe it helped that the two actors are actual musicians. I found it fascinating.

There were so many quietly beautiful scenes of note; when the "Guy" plays his demo tape for his father, when the camera pans out on Marketa's face peering through her window, as she sits alone on her piano stool. I don't really consider myself a movie person, but when I like one enough, I absorb it, memorizing each line and scene. I guess I'm the same way with music.

I digress.

Okay, also of note, the amazing soundtrack to the film. The Yellow Stereo has almost all of the film's songs listed on their website, enjoy.

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