Monday, June 11, 2007

Isn't he a fetching young man?

Yesterday afternoon I took in the "Summer of Love" exhibit over at the Whitney. It's an excellent retrospective of the period, complete with a proper introduction to the movement through its west coast, east coast, and London scenes. All the politics, the lovers, the fighters, the beat poets, the drugs, the fashions, the light shows, the tragedies, and just about every jam band the five year period produced. I particularly enjoyed the music art included in the collection, like the above photo of Jimi Hendrix shot by Gered Mankowitz.

The show really is about the incredible music produced during the era, and has a musical audio tour as optional accompaniment. They got the whole crew to come out for this one; Janis, Jefferson Airplane, and Santana.

Carlos Santana - Samba Pa Ti

Although some of the hypersexualized and super-sonically charged imagery proved to be a bit of sensory overload, I admire the flower children's constant search for feeling and stimulation against the sterile and placid establishment . They were the first generation to witness a large-scale school shooting, and see their brothers fight an unjustified war. The future they were promised was not as it should have been, and they sought and found an escape route; in sex, drugs, and rock and roll. I feel like such a square acting out my mind-numbing directionless routine.


Yay for Duncan Sheik winning big at the Tony's for Spring Awakening, yet another show I've been meaning to see for quite some time now. Apart from singing aloud to "Barely Breathing" when I hear it in a department store (oh yes), I've come to enjoy some of Sheik's other songs too. I came across his website and blog a few years ago, I think he was just coming out of a rough patch with his former record label or something. There was some magnificent prose that I took to reading on the daily for a spell. I always think it is interesting to peer into a creative mind. His is brilliant. Apparently he's working on a musical with the Decemberists, how awesome would that be?

Duncan Sheik - Such Reveries
Duncan Sheik - Rubbed Out

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