Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I've been staring at my computer screen since I got home, writing something for work that just does not want to be written. So I think I'll blog instead.

I took this biological anthropology class in college. In addition to learning that humans once had tails (a fact I reported back to my parents much to their horror) I also first heard about a species of lizard that was solely comprised of the female sex. Each lady lizard comes into this world with a fully fertilized egg that will be birthed later in their lifetime. The species completely did away with their male counterparts via natural selection; they didn't need sperm, so what was the point of having them around? This reminded me of those lizards.

I wonder if humans could one day naturally deselect men from the mix. What would the world be like without the need to overanalyze why he did/didn't call? Why he said 'let's make plans' only to leave things unplanned?

A little boring I bet, but also a bit more sane.

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