Monday, May 28, 2007

Nothing Better

Is there anything better than waking up at 11 ayem on a Monday morning?
I can't think of something else off the top of my head. And I had a breakfast feast of pancakes, with peanut butter and syrup on top like when I was a kid. Lovely.

"You can do what you want to, whenever you want to
You can do what you want to, there's no one to stop you"

Ballad of Big Nothing - The Thermals

Found this gem over at BrooklynVegan. Though I wouldn't count it among my favorite Elliott Smith songs, The Thermals get big ups from me for their uncharacteristically delicate treatment of this Smith classic (acoustic? what what?) They will be at McCarren pool at some point this summer, I think it will be a fun show. Either fun, or absolutely crazy in the hot hot heat, you decide.

And Spine Magazine via GvB has a new track from Lupe Fiasco. Let's see, it samples Thom Yorke's "Eraser" and... do I need to say more to convince you that it is three minutes of pure heaven?

Us Placers - Lupe, Pharell, and what's his name, to the tune of Thom Yorke's "Eraser"

Ish is off the hook, I can't get enough of it

Happy Memorial Day y'all.

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