Sunday, May 27, 2007

Love, your neighborhood Pathmark

I think it was a month ago, I was waiting to transfer to the C train at Jay Street on my way home from work. This dude walks up towards me, I don't think much of it until he says, "Excuse me miss, but you look like an intellectual kind of lady."

Oh wait there's more.

wait for it...

"Let me ask you, what's the last book you read?" I honestly can't remember the last book I read, so I tell him so. "Have you read (I'm forgetting the title.)" I say no. "Have you read this (Another book I haven't read)?" No.

"My name is (damn I'm bad at telling stories, forgot this too.)" And I tell him my real name. Really. He reaches out his hand, and I shake his, except he holds my hand way too long.

"Well how about we get together and read some poetry sometime?" he asks.
"I can't. Sorry." He leaves me alone.

Fast forward to today, when I'm pushing my cart into the frozen aisle at the grocery store. Not only do I see the SAME brother, but do you know he tries the SAME tired-ass line on me? Reading poetry, books, and all.

Can I please meet a brother who has his shit together, game included? Would really appreciate it. Thks.

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